Digital network & telecommunication

Integrated and connected territories

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With Axione, its specialised subsidiary, Bouygues Energies & Services is accompanying the digital revolution and modernising telecommunication infrastructures. It manages 15 Public Initiative Networks in France which cover 10% of the French territory, reaching 6,5 million people and 310,000 companies. From design to delivery and commercialisation of its networks, Bouygues Energies & Services accompanies communities and operators over the long term.


Using and commercialising digital infrastructures

Axione is an actor in the reduction of the digital divide and supplies dynamic innovation to the territories. It covers by generalising the access to better service for all (public services, the general public and companies).

Market leader in multi-technology Public Initiative NetworksBouygues Energies & Services offers a wide range of services to all operators in a high performing technical and tarif environment:

  • A national optical loop; 
  • High and very high bit wired and radio digital infrastructures; 
  • Services associated with high bit rates such as quadruple play: Internet, TV, wired and mobile phones; 
  • Secure data centres integrating server hosting and technical equipment (exchange knots, IP transit, etc.) in the heart of the networks;
  • Activation of lines to the end-user;
  • A 24/7 national supervision/expoitation centre;
  • An information system which allows interconnection and automatic processes with customer operators. 


Axione is not present on the retail market, but stimulates using its wholesale operator optic, competition and innovation by facilitating and accompanying other operators and suppliers of digital services.


Rolling out and maintaining telecommunication infrastructures

Bouygues Energies & Services has vast experience in rolling out telecommunication infrastructures which guarantee a high performance level in design, construction and maintenance of land-line and mobile networks:

  • Project management (planning and steering); 
  • Design, engineering, radio and transmission models; 
  • Roll-out and work; 
  • Maintenance and conformity; 
  • Installation and commissioning of active equipment; 
  • Radio and optical measurement, etc. 


It is present in particular in mobile 2G/ 3G/ 4G networks of high and very high bit rates (xDSL, FTTx, WiMax, etc.) and fibre and radio relay collection centres.