Promoting diversity in the Group

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Diversity is the very essence of Bouygues Energies & Services: diversity of skills, of domains of interventions. Bouygues Energies & Services actively promotes diversity in the workplace and equal opportunities for all across the Group.

To concretely advance on this subject, our Diversity Committee holds regular meetings. Made up of Human Resource managers, purchasers and operational personnel, its role includes:

  • Defining a precise roadmap with costed objectives;
  • Following progress on this roadmap with a series of indicators;
  • Promoting regional initiatives.

In 2006, Bouygues Energies & Services was the first company in its branch to sign an agreement in favour of hiring and maintaining handicapped people in their jobs. Renewed in 2009, this agreement includes 4 commitments. Bouygues Energies & Services actions carried out since 2006 are bearing their fruit. Since this agreement was signed:

  • 319 handicapped people have been hired;
  • 69 have benefited from specific actions to keep their jobs;
  • 348,000 euros of services have been outsourced to the protected or adapted sector;
  • 885 members of the personnel have participated in a day to dispel handicaps. An awareness campaign was also carried out in the workforce to that personnel would be able to go beyond preconceived conditions.

Concerning social integration, Bouygues Energies & Services proposes concrete solutions allowing young people from socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods:

  • To join the Company with an apprenticeships or professionalization contract;
  • To be trained in Bouygues Energies & Services business lines.

The Company has also signed several partnerships:

  • A national agreement with local governing official committees: whenever possible, Bouygues Energies & Services calls upon youth in this committee to do different services;
  • Bouygues Energies & Services is a student tutor in the Alfred Nobel Technical High Shcool in Clichy-sous-Bois (93). Objective: accompanying, advising and having students discover the Company.

Lastly, in the framework of longterm contracts with communities, (Public-Private Partnerships, delegated management contracts, public service delegation (PSD), etc.), Bouygues Energies & Services promises its customers to train and hire neighbourhood youth.

With traditionally masculine activities, Male / Female equality remains a Bouygues Energies & Services objective. To accelerate this, in 2011 Bouygues Energies & Services signed an agreement on:

  • Recruitment : Bouygues Energies & Services commits itself in particular to ensuring that the average recruitment of women from target schools is the same as the percentage of women graduating in these schools;
  • Career evolution: With its annual assessment meeting, Bouygues Energies & Services commits itself to being attentive and accompanying high potential staff, whatever their gender.  Training on equality of opportunities is also given to HR and other department managers to be aware of and fight against subjective brakes, both conscious and unconscious ones, and in particular male-female equality;
  • Parenthood: Managerial approaches to better accompany departures and arrivals from maternity and parental leave; compensation of men who take a parental leave of absence is maintained for 11 days. Bouygues Energies & Services also participated with Bouygues Construction, in the 2011 Labour Ministry survey on parenthood.

In 2010, Bouygues Energies & Services signed an agreement for senior citizen employment and work (over the age of 50) with 5 commitments:

  • 5% of new jobs are for senior citizens,
  • At least 50% of the over 50 workforce must have at least one training action,
  • 20% of those responsible for dispensing training must be over the age of 50,
  • 12% of tutors must be over the age of 50,
  • At least 80% of those over the age of 55 must have an annual evaluation meeting.