Health - Safety

Being a health and safety role model

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Safety is one of Bouygues Energies & Services’s top priorities and responsibilities. From the CEO to the Journeyperson, the entire Company is devoted on a daily basis to a structured progress approach called “Go, health and safety, count me in !”. In only 2 years, Bouygues Energies & Services was thus able to slash the number of accidents in half and continues its efforts to guarantee the safety of its workforce as well was that of the neighbouring population and site users.


Bouygues Energies & Services has a very operational prevention policy which makes safety a daily management task and a reflex for the entire workforce. Objective: reducing accidents by another 30% by 2015. 


Based on commitment and responsibility, this programme involves the entire workforce, from the CEO to the Journeyperson. It is focused on the three corporate values (Listening, Being a Role Model, and Team Spirit) and is an integral part of the Invent2015 Corporate Project. On a daily basis, it can be seen in many actions:

  • Annual safety day for the entire workforce;
  • Strong and transparent safety results; 
  • 3 day training course for outlet managers;
  • Regular prevention and awareness actions (regular communication campaign with 8 themes per year, the weekly safety 15-minute meeting, obligation to start all corporate meetings by a safety update and dedicated safety chapter in the monthly managerial magazine);
  • Integration of safety indicators in variable managerial bonuses;
  • Sanctions should elementary safety rules not be respected (wearing protective clothing for example);
  • Etc.