Seamless, modern and sustainable

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In an ever more connected world, where people, information and goods flow faster and faster, where energy production and transport needs are spiralling, infrastructures linking cities and men are crucial.


Bouygues Energies & Services is an active player in all these transitions by accompanying all concerned stakeholders: it thus contributes to making infrastructures more seamless, modern and sustainable, whilst creating them where they do not yet exist. Dynamic and enhanced public space gives everyone, the general public, companies or communities a more pleasant and attractive environment.

From transports to energy, a point in common: modernity and connection for everyone

  • Faced with the growing number of travelsBouygues Energies & Services is improving their fluidity and assisting the mobility of properties and persons whilst ensuring their safety. This of course is accomplished by respecting the environment, by proposing solutions in energy performance to its customers and creating long term relationships.
  •  Bouygues Energies & Services connects territories to each other, so that everyone can profit from digital advantages. Its skills, know-how and expertise create and modernise telecommunications and digital infrastructures. It links territories that had been isolated thus making them more dynamic and is a partner whose quality is recognised by its customers, private operators or communities.
  • Rarefaction of natural resources, increased use of renewable energies, Bouygues Energies & Services responds to all current energy issues by proposing its expertise for production, transport and energy transformation infrastructures. Bouygues Energies & Services thus makes energy cleaner and more accessible, whilst inviting us to be more environmentally responsible.