Public Lighting

Better lighting with less energy

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A leading and historical player in public lighting, Bouygues Energies & Services currently manages nearly a million lights throughout the world. To accompany communities with the double stakes of optimising public financial resources and preserving the environment, Bouygues Energies & Services proposes high-performing global lighting solutions which promise to reduce consumption in the long term (up to 42%).


Bouygues Energies & Services works with its customers in the framework of different types of contracts, from delegated administration to public-private Partnerships. It is present in the entire value stream of public lighting:

  • Designing urban lighting,
  • Carrying new or renovation work,
  • Maintaining local heritage installations,
  • Financial and operational use of networks and installations in the framework of delegated administration contracts and PFI.


Commitment to fair lighting

Because it has engineering management and integrated development, Bouygues Energies & Services can propose innovative solutions for public lighting:

  • Cities and towns,
  • Public buildings (schools, town halls, theatres, etc.),
  • Transport infrastructures (roads, railways, tramways, etc.),
  • Sporting and commercial infrastructures (stadiums, shopping centres, etc.).

For each project, Bouygues Energies & Services will propose a mix of solutions and custom-made technology with the objective of increasing energy performance of the public lighting network as much as possible whilst offering an optimal comfort and safety to users.


Leader in Public - Private Partnerships (PPP) and global management

Bouygues Energies & Services was a pioneer in the field of Public - Private Partnerships in England (PFI) as well as global management and PPP in France. Today it manages 35 public lighting contracts in compliance with these demanding contractual requirements, guaranteeing performance for customers:

  • Contractual maintenance guarantees high quality service over the long term;
  • When signing a contract, the community promises to pay a predetermined rent over a long period of time;
  • Because of this staggered payment and bargaining power of private companies, the community can invest in better quality equipment than if it had acted independently.


Public lighting and more

A global operator, Bouygues Energies & Services can associate other services and solutions to public lighting to make cities safer, better connected and more attractive:

  • Lighting,
  • High bit networks,
  • Tricolour Stop Lights (TSL),
  • Video protection,
  • Long term renovations including the road network and the heritage of agglomerations.


Bouygues Energies & Services does its utmost to accompany its customers in problems related to the contract by:

  • Communication about works to the neighbourhood (dedicated Internet sites, demonstration areas, flyers and posters, etc.),
  • Minimising the environmental impact on construction sites and nuisance caused (digging micro-trenches to reduce both the time in which roads cannot be used and the quantity of excavated volume, using electrical vehicles, recycling old lighting, etc.),
  • Preservation of biodiversity (a partnership with the Noé Conservation Association),
  • Participation in integration policies of towns (partnerships with local leaders, recruiting local employees, etc.).