Sustainable partnership

Being a sustainable partner

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It’s impossible for 70% of our activity to be done in a recurring manner without having a true stakeholder relationship with our customers. 10, 20, 30 years... Bouygues Energies & Services commits itself to working in long term partnerships alongside its customers by promoting the quality of its solutions, the proximity of its offices and the reactivity and service-driven spirit of its personnel.


A pioneer in the Public - Private Partnerships contractual relationship in the beginning of the 21st century in the British market, Bouygues Energies & Services is today one of the world leaders in this type of contract in Europe (nearly 100 PPP, PIF, PSD, RIP and MPE). Bouygues Energies & Services thus capitalises on strong experience in this field and has developed a true partnership and long term relationship culture. This culture is also intrinsically linked to the jobs that Bouygues Energies & Services does both in its fields of energies and services (rural electricity, public lighting, digital networks, industrial maintenance and Facility Management).


Our convictions and commitments

  • A global cost mind-set means sustainability. When managing sites, Bouygues Energies & Services commits itself in the long term and guarantees the sustainability of its infrastructures or facilities for enhanced user comfort and less customer risk.  As of the design stage, Bouygues Energies & Services brings a complimentary regard to that of the contractor, thus bringing a global cost mind-set to your project. This approach is based on investing in top quality materials, always necessary for sustainable cost-saving solutions which consume less energy, thus liberating resources for other dynamic uses.
  • Trust, the keystone in a partnership, is based on transparency. Bouygues Energies & Services commits itself to performance levels, thus ensuring sustainable quality for its customers. A strong sign of its commitment, Bouygues Energies & Services has designed reporting tools directly interfaced on its databases to manage facilities in a transparent manner for its customers.
  • An integral part of its customer’s performances, Bouygues Energies & Services commits itself in several ways:
    • Firstly by basing itself on the proximity of its regional agencies and the service mind-set of its personnel, testimonies of local roots and reactivity;
    • Then on being the sole contact for its customers and by co-ordinating the various technical and service contracts for enhanced efficiency and coherency;
    • By proposing to customers to be responsible for more and more aspects in the user interface: communication with the neighbouring population on an urban planning project, eco-behaviour awareness in a low energy facility, etc.;
    • By integrating technological and societal evolutions to remain the right partner for its customers throughout the life of the project.


Involving suppliers and subcontractors

Bouygues Energies & Services follows the Bouygues Construction's responsible purchasing policy (evaluation of suppliers' CSR performance, training and information for purchasers on the topic...).